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A Closer Look at the Overseas Visitor Forecast

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IN THE JANUARY 2015 ISSUE of Courier, Mark Brown of the U.S. Department of Commerce presented the DOC’s latest forecast for international visitors. Brown highlighted the importance of looking at actual travelers as opposed to getting too caught up in high growth rates. He pointed out that “China and Brazil con- tinue to get the bulk of media attention because of their consistent and very high growth rates.” He also stated that “despite a small 3 percent growth rate, Canada produced a greater number of additional travelers in 2013, compared to the previous year, than China and Brazil combined.”


Overseas Travel within the U.S.

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THE U.S. HAS REGISTERED record arrivals growth for four years in a row, and arrivals for the first half of 2014 (January– June) are up 8.4 percent, according to the U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office. 2014 is poised to be another record- setting year for overseas visi- tors. So, where are these travel- ers going once they land?

Perent Change in Visitor Arrivals, jan- June 13/14


International Tourists Visit U.S. in Record Numbers

By Scott Johnson on 21-Jun-11 09:58. Comments (0)

The U.S. Department of Commerce is reporting that international visitors have spent an estimated $48.3 billion on U.S. travel and tourism-related goods and services this year to date, $12.3 billion alone in April -  on pace for a record-setting year.


First China Travel Trade Barometer

By Scott Johnson on 18-May-11 16:33. Comments (0)

If you want to know what is happening on travel to the U.S. from China - it's simple. You ask the key travel trade that sell and promote travel to the United States. They know their customers' needs best.

Travel Market Insights (TMI) teamed up with Ivy Alliance, NTA, and the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries to launch the first China Travel Trade Barometer.

The quarterly report provides U.S. travel industry leaders with clear insight on market shifts, needs, and competitive position for this fast growing emerging travel market.


UK Barometer Projection Rings True

By Scott Johnson on 03-Dec-10 09:27. Comments (0)

Barometer Projection Rings True for Summer Bookings

In July the UK Travel Trade Barometer (TTB) projected an increase in bookings from the UK this summer.  The TTB projection ran counter to traditional econometric -based forecasts that projected a decline in British travel.


2009 Overseas Visitors to US

By Scott Johnson on 14-May-10 09:07. Comments (1)

2009 Overseas Visitation to the United States

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries recently published its annual 2009 arrivals to the U.S. and arrivals to top states and cities. Simply put, the global economic slowdown created the most difficult environment for the tourism industry since the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001.

    * The United States welcomed 54.9 million international visitors in 2009, a decrease of 5 percent when compared to 2008.

    * Total international visitor spending in the United States ($121 billion) dropped precipitously in 2009, resulting in a record-setting yearly decline of nearly $21 billion (-15%).


Budget Cuts For Research

By Scott Johnson on 05-May-10 13:00. Comments (0)

Budget Cuts at DOC Jeopardizes Promotion of International Visitors.

The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries budget is getting hit hard just as the industry needs reliable metrics. The government's role to measure the size and importance of the travel industry is at stake. Improvements needed to provide states and cities with vital visitor metrics is at stake.

The budget cuts mean:

No output metrics for international visitor arrivals.

No employment figures as a result of international visitor arrivals.

No total U.S. travel and tourism-related sales/expenditures.


TMI - Inbound and Outbound

By Scott Johnson on 05-May-10 12:29. Comments (1)


The TMI - U.S. Inbound and Outbound blog focuses on international travel market research - with a goal to bring international travel market research to the forefront of discussion with travel research, marketing, and policy leaders.

INBOUND will focus on the latest international visitor arrival metrics, how they are collected, in-depth reviews, projections, and more.

OUTBOUND will focus on U.S. departure figures, trends, projections, and factors impacting travel. NEWS will focus on the broader picture for international visitor market research for the United States, including events, press releases, and etc.

Your invited to read, sign up, provide comment, ask why, post your own write up, and be involved in strengthening U.S. international travel market research.

Sincerely, Scott C. Johnson Principal at Travel Market Insights


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